‘We have to do something’: Philadelphia mayor calls for gun control after police standoff: What we know now


PHILADELPHIA – A gunman is in guardianship after starting fire plus wounding 6 Philadelphia law enforcement officers in a tense hourslong standoff that will ended earlier Thursday.

The particular gunman, in whose name is not released, surrendered just after night time when law enforcement fired teargas into the house he is at.

All 6 officers had been hospitalized yet later launched, Philadelphia law enforcement said. One more officer had been injured within a vehicle incident related to the particular standoff.

The particular incident motivated Philadelphia’s gran to replicate recent demands gun manage, saying officials “need help” keeping weapons off the road.

“Our officials deserve to become protected plus they don’t ought to have to be chance at with a guy all day with an limitless supply of weaponry and an unlimited supply of principal points. It’s nauseating and we need to do something about this, ” Mayor Rick Kenney informed reporters.

six officers chance: Gunman gives up after ‘volatile’ hourslong battle in Philadelphia

Here’s what we all know:

Police state they were offering a drug justify Wednesday mid-day when the gunfire began.

Officials at the picture were informed to stay back again after a minimum of two officials became stuck inside the house with the present shooter, according to scanning device audio.

“We are pinned down within the second ground with 3 individuals handcuffed, ” one particular officer stated calmly amongst the topsy-turvy calls. “You can listen to the man moving straight down stairs to the first flooring. ”

Throughout another circular of gunfire, one official can be noticed saying, “The male will be reloading, the particular male is certainly reloading, pictures fired within. ”

An additional officer states, “That man has a lengthy gun! That will male includes a long weapon! ”

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Hours afterwards, police could draw the particular gunman out from the home along with teargas.

Right after 15 taking sounds plus billows associated with smoke, police shouted commands.

“Police, put both hands on your mind and appear front. inch Soon after, the particular command had been, “Go on the floor, go on the earth. ”

Law enforcement have not launched the gunman’s name.

Right after being caught, he was delivered to Temple College Hospital intended for treatment associated with the teargas, police stated.

Speaking with reporters, Kenney recommended the man a new criminal record however was nevertheless able to have the weapons he or she used in the particular standoff.

“This guy is definitely clearly the criminal, inch Kenney stated. “He… continues to be involved in felony justice prior to. ”

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Philadelphia’s gran, a Liberal, joined the numerous politicians that have called for weapon control laws amid the renewed force for the laws and regulations after bulk shootings plus police shootings across the country within places this kind of as El Paso, Texas; Dayton, Ohio; and Riverside, California.

“Our officers helping you, ” Kenney said. “They need help along with gun manage. They need assist with keeping these types of weapons from people’s fingers. ”

Kenney criticized congress on the federal government and condition level which “don’t need to do anything regarding getting these types of guns from the streets and having them from the hands associated with criminals. inch

“Whether it might be our 6 officers who had been shot or even it’s several 16-, 17-, 20-year-old child on the roads of Philadelphia who will get shot along with guns that will shouldn’t be within people’s fingers, ” he or she said. “It’s aggravating. Really saddening. And it is something that we have to do something about. inch

Residents in the region expressed comparable thoughts following the shooting.

“It’s really frightening that this is being conducted in a normal urban home area. It is makes you understand that gun manage is really essential. It’s beyond control, ” mentioned Asya Richardson, who acquired just completed work for your day. “I do not realize just how much control we want over weapons until things such as this occur. I did not realize that individuals had that will kind of weapons. ”

Sophie Nicholas, the Temple college student who lifestyles near the picture, said the girl was going to Aurora, Co, on the same time in 2012 that the gunman opened up fire inside a movie theater, eliminating 12 individuals and hurting 70 other people.

“Why are these claims still taking place? ” the lady asked. “That was a lot of years ago. inch

Contributing: Dorrie Kiggins plus Elizabeth Lawrence, USA NOWADAYS. Brandon Holveck reports to get (Wilmington, De. ) Information Journal; Thomas W. Burns reports intended for USA NOWADAYS. Follow Holveck and Callier on Tweets: @holveck_brandon and @RyanW_Miller

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