‘Sex and the City’ is coming back to television — sort of


Candace Bushnell launched the phenomenon whenever she released “Sex as well as the City, ” her 1997 anthology of recent York Viewer columns, that have been adapted in to the massively profitable HBO collection (which subsequently spawned 2 movies). The girl follow-up, “Is There Nevertheless Sex within the City? ” isn’t out there yet, yet it’s recently been snapped up simply by Paramount Tv and Unknown Content to become transformed into a string.

So is this particular a replacement for the third “Sex and the City” movie which was unceremoniously scrapped? (Thanks a great deal, Kim Cattrall. ) Not really exactly. Do not expect Dorothy Jessica Parker or a revival of the “Are you a Carrie or a Samantha? ” controversy. (Besides, you are a Miranda. It’s time for you to be truthful with your self. )

The particular book “Is There Nevertheless Sex within the City? ” which happens in Aug, is another assortment of essays, on this occasion dealing with the particular lives from the over-50 arranged. But “The Golden Girls” this is not. There is no time in order to retire towards the lanai whenever these character types — searching for love within the big town — are extremely busy assessment the oceans on Tinder, sleeping about, starting brand new businesses plus doing unprintable things to maintain certain areas of the body looking vibrant.

Bushnell has already established other publications turned into tv series, but not one as well-known as the girl first. “Lipstick Jungle” — a 08 series in line with the 2005 guide — plus “The Carrie Diaries” (a 2010 youthful adult new turned 2014 CW series) were each canceled right after two periods.

But the tv landscape is extremely different nowadays. With the creation of streaming solutions, there’s the feeding craze for clean content (or what was once called stories), which is why daily there’s a brand new alert in regards to a book obtaining a Netflix version. The upshot is that there are now a larger diversity associated with programming therefore , while ten years ago an e book about the intercourse lives associated with 50-somethings — even 1 by Candace Bushnell — might not have a new prayer of having adapted, nowadays there’s the competitive putting in a bid war in order to snap upward rights.

Very important Television has already established considerable achievement with other modifications. The company co-produced the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” (also along with Anonymous Content) and “A Series of Unlucky Events, ” plus Amazon’s “Jack Thomas. ” (Amazon CEO Jeffrey P. Bezos owns The particular Washington Submit. ) They likewise have adaptations associated with “Catch-22, ” “The Secret agent Who Arrived from the Cold” and “The Vampire Chronicles” in the functions.

Does which means that this brand new series can rise towards the level of “Sex and the City”? It’s difficult to imagine replicating that type of cultural touchstone, especially in nowadays fragmented marketplace. But really does Bushnell, that is writing the particular pilot for your series, possess a shot on creating some thing entertainingly recap-worthy? Abso-ahem-lutely.


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