Lagos to ban motorbike taxis from most of city


Nigeria’s company capital, Lagos, will prohibit commercial motorbikes from a lot of areas associated with the city, citing overcrowding and protection, authorities possess said.

In the move which usually could alter the travel for countless numbers and endanger ride-hailing online companies, the Lagos state authorities announced upon Twitter that will it would certainly ban motorbikes, commonly recognized as okadas, from working in the majority of of Lagos due in order to what this referred in order to as their own “chaos plus disorderliness” plus “scary figures” of deadly accidents.

Businesses for example Utmost. ng, ORide and Gokada were striving to capitalise on the particular congested Lagos roads in order to expand their particular operations.

The particular ban cites a 2018 law in order to bar okadas and little three-wheeled automobiles referred to as kekes from one February. This would pub them through 40 connections and flyovers and locations covering the particular business zones of Victoria Island plus Lagos Isle, Apapa, exactly where the major port will be situated plus Ikeja, which usually is house to the particular airport airport terminal.

Chinedu Azodoh, cofounder associated with Max. ng, is positive that the particular ban would certainly not apply at them given that their bicycles are over the 200cc engine dimension banned particularly by the particular law.

“From what we have seen nowadays, we do not think the particular ban impacts our company, ” Azodoh said.

Yet Gbenga Omotoso, Lagos condition commissioner associated with information plus strategy, stated the prohibit would influence all traveler companies within support associated with courier support companies may be exempt.

“They possess been discovered to possess become component of the particular problem these people attempt to solve, ” he or she said associated with commercial motorbike companies.

Greatest extent. ng, which usually also works in Kano, Ibadan plus Akure within Nigeria, lately had a good investment circular last yr that elevated over $5m (£3. 8m).

Startup Gokada also elevated $5m final year because of its Lagos functions. Founder Fahim Saleh stated that while their own bikes had been also over 200cc, he or she was not really sure regarding the influence of the particular ban upon them.

“It’s disappointing, ” he mentioned, adding they might seek in order to expand the operations within courier plus logistics providers. “We do not know exactly how it’s heading to end up being enforced. “

ORide, section of OPay simply by which Norwegian software company Opera Limited comes with an collateral interest, furthermore offers ride-hailing motorcycles within Lagos. Reuters could not really immediately achieve the business just for comment.

Within June, Gokada told Reuters there had been approximately almost eight million okada drivers working across Nigeria.


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