Gayle King’s Apple Watch hilariously interrupts ‘CBS This Morning’ broadcast


Talk about poor timing.

Gayle King’s Apple company Watch proceeded to go off Fri as the “CBS This Morning” anchor released meteorologist Megan Glaros. The particular noise shocked King.

“I’m sorry, inch she apologized. “My Apple company Watch simply did some thing. ”

The particular incident interested King’s co-host John Dickerson plus “CBS Today Saturday” sponsor Anthony Builder, present for your day’s display.

“I how to start quite how you can work this, ” the girl admitted, going the display. “I avoid even understand what that was. inch

Trying to get upon with the girl job, Ruler tossed this to Glaros jokingly asking with the girl to “Save me, Megan! ”

California king is still developing a pretty good 7 days, despite the hiccup. Wednesday the girl cover with regard to Time magazine’s “100 Most Important People within the World” concern was uncovered.

“It seems surreal and WONDERFUL not to only become included #time100 list yet to make among the covers, inch King published on Instagram, reflecting in the honor. “Wow! ”

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